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Individual Therapy

There are many things that bring individuals to therapy. Therapy helps to increase self-awareness, encourage self-exploration, identify beliefs and values, enhance communication skills and improve the use of health coping skills. 

Family Therapy

This intervention works with families to nurture change and growth within the family. Family therapy can help improve communication and resolve family conflict. Family therapy is designed to identify patterns that contribute to behaviors and provide the family with support as they work to make positive changes. 

Play Therapy

Play therapy is primarily used with children ages 3-12. This intervention usually takes place in a safe, comfortable playroom and helps children learn social skills, change behaviors, increase emotional regulation, increase problem-solving skills and relate to others in a positive way. The therapist uses play in a structured and specific way to create opportunities for the child to learn. The therapist engages the child using their natural language of play to develop skills. And play is fun!


Theraplay was developed over 50 years ago and is used all around the world to support healthy parent/caregiver and child attachment. In Theraplay the therapist engages the parent/caregiver and child in activities that engage, nurture, challenge and helps to structure the play sessions. Building attachment has been shown to increase positive mental health and to increase childhood resiliency. Theraplay is used with children from womb and older. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) uses eye movements or bilateral sensations to reduce the intensity of disturbing thoughts. EMDR is an evidence-based intervention used for PTSD and a number of other complaints. The therapist could ask you to follow hand movements with your eyes, or model tapping and ask that you follow and tap yourself. There is also an option of using "buzzies" or a small device that you hold in each hand and the device creates alternative pulses. 


Hypnosis is often used to overcome unwanted habits, decrease depression, manage stress, overcome fears and combat insomnia. Hypnosis increases ones response to suggestion while in a trance-like state. Unlike in the movies, when under hypnosis, the individual is always in control. 

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